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LTE for your RV Park. The Fastest WiFi. Period.

The Permanent Fix for Your RV Park’s WiFi. LTE.

There are many issues that come with using “regular” WiFi. One of the largest of the issues is the power limits set by regulators.

Whether in the USA, Canada or anywhere else, regulatory regions require wireless technology to operate at greatly reduced power. This comes at the expense of sub-par WiFi solutions. The reasons for this goes back many years. But, the crux of the issue is that standard wireless frequency bands were never expected to support commercial use, but instead, to be used by all of your common indoor electronics, like WiFi baby monitors, garage door openers, etc.

LTE is Made for the Outdoors​

Free Upgrades for your Park for Life

…Unlike WiFi, LTE was designed for outdoor wireless, not indoor wireless networks. LTE is a more advanced technology designed specifically for outdoor use. LTE signals are able to hold higher modulation levels (or speed) in the face of more foliage. LTE also does a better job of making sense of the signal despite being reflected back by various objects; including metal from RV’s, buildings and leaves from trees.

LTE does such a better job in fact that it holds about a 10 times advantage over WiFi speeds. Naturally, LTE lets you deliver much higher speeds than WiFi could ever deliver..

Evolution Means Never Obsolete

Over $1 billion is invested annually in LTE research and development. With every new technological advancement with LTE, current devices will be backward compatible with the last. This is why you can still use your 10-year old flip phone!

Imagine not having to upgrade your hardware when the next great thing comes out. Due to the LTE standard, no single LTE provider can put your entire WiFi investment at risk of obsolescence on a whim or by new technology.

This all translates into a network with higher equity value. Investors understand the value of standards. Potential competitive buyout opportunities become more plausible because your WiFi network is more attractive with an easier integration into new updates (meaning, upgrading your network with a software upgrade vs. hardware upgrade.)

SIM Cards

Imagine having SIM cards specific to your park. Sounds crazy right?

When NomadInternet builds your new LTE network, we create SIM cards specifically for your park. Yes, the same SIM cards people have in their cell phones!

This opens up endless possibilities. Should you expand your park and need more hardware to expand, we can pop your SIM card in the hardware you need and mail it to you. Once it’s powered on, the hardware knows it’s in your park! Now, the software will automatically download its settings and connect without any extra configuration. Ultimately, this saves you money on truck rolls.

Your own SIM cards also mean that if your guests bring in their own LTE compatible hardware, they can simply insert your SIM card and have access to your parks network within about a half a mile around your park! This takes the concept of wireless amenities to a new level!


We all carry LTE-enabled devices in our purses and pockets. LTE, in just a few short years, has displaced all other “old school” mobile technologies. When you see that 4G” icon appear on your smart phone, that’s LTE. The mobile operators have invested billions to upgrade their networks to LTE because it gives them much more speed than any other wireless technology.

But that’s not the only reason, the global drive for all mobile carriers to use LTE for its technological advantages also means the entire globe is unifying around a single standard. This results in more vendor choices. It results in massive continual investments by all parties to bring new services and build new devices. It’s an explosion of innovation.

Those who get on board now with LTE will be able to take advantage of untold new efficiencies, products and services that emerge as it continues to evolve.

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NomadInternet’s expertise and WiFi System Solves WiFi Troubles for Johnson City RV Resort


While a Johnson City, TX location is part of the appeal of the resort, its rural setting comes with the challenge is making WiFi services available to every site in the park.

We love streaming. Our networks are built for streaming.

With today’s technology simply “not supporting,” or ignoring, streaming is not an option. The ability to stream their favorite shows and movies are one of the most important things guests look for when planning. With that in mind, we build every WiFi network streaming capable. *In fact, NomadInternet only builds WiFi networks capable of streaming many **major devices and networks.

*NomadInternet builds networks with data transmission speeds faster than current Fiber networks. The RV park or campground must have the correct backhaul in place to support it. The end-user must have the most up to date hardware to support these speeds.

**NomadInternet is in not affiliated with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or DirecTVNOW

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