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We Will Run your WiFi...

...so you can Run your RV Park

NomadInternet Pricing

20-75 RV sites

Parks with around 20-75 sites typically need one to a few accounts points

Starting at


75-150 RV sites

Parks with around 75-150 sites typically need 3 or more access points.

Starting at


150+ RV sites

Parks with around 150 or more sites typically need 6 or more access points.

Starting at


To provide you custom pricing, our process is simple and free!


We will review your RV Park and create a free WiFi plan that will ensure every guest in your park has access to high speed WiFi, social media and streaming services. We are the ONLY RV WiFi provider with a 5 star rating.


Our free WiFi plan will allow you to see how many WiFi access points you need, where we would install them and the total cost for installation. We know RV parks come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we already provide WiFi service to parks as small as 20 sites to parks with over 300 hundred sites.


No matter your size, we will provide the same quality and experience for your guests.

Free WiFi Plan For Your RV Park

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NomadInternet will help you reduce your start up cost.

NomadInternet’s expertise and WiFi System Solves WiFi Troubles for Johnson City RV Resort


While a Johnson City, TX location is part of the appeal of the resort, its rural setting comes with the challenge is making WiFi services available to every site in the park.

We love streaming. Our networks are built for streaming.

With today’s technology simply “not supporting,” or ignoring, streaming is not an option. The ability to stream their favorite shows and movies are one of the most important things guests look for when planning. With that in mind, we build every WiFi network streaming capable. *In fact, NomadInternet only builds WiFi networks capable of streaming many **major devices and networks.

*NomadInternet builds networks with data transmission speeds faster than current Fiber networks. The RV park or campground must have the correct backhaul in place to support it. The end-user must have the most up to date hardware to support these speeds.

**NomadInternet is in not affiliated with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or DirecTVNOW

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