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NomadInternet Services

Reliable, Easy and Full Management for your WiFi network

NomadInternet Services

NomadInternet will host the central controller necessary for all your installed equipment. Our state of the art WiFi Cloud is fully redundant and has a 99.99% uptime service level for you and your guests. Our WiFi cloud will:

  • Allow you to view every guest that is signed onto your network.

  • Ability to take control of your network by temporarily or permanently suspending “bad actors” on your network

  • Automatically issue commands for each piece of WiFi equipment and allow all changes to be made in a central location.


The best part about the NomadInternet Cloud is that it is always improving. Our engineers are constantly improving the algorithm and as they release new updates you will receive them free of charge!

Equipment Monitoring

NomadInternet will monitor every piece of your WiFi network, every minute of every day. We have multiple monitoring systems in place that check your equipment every few seconds.


If a piece of equipment fails to “check-in,” we verify our redundancy, let you know and *replace if necessary. We provide:

  • Outage alerts

  • Monthly reports of your individual properties to ensure they are operating to your satisfaction

Hotspot Manager Portal and Guest Voucher System

NomadInternet will provide your park with an “Owner’s Portal” so you can login to check things that are important to you. In the NomadInternet Hotspot Manager, you can view the amount of users on the network, how many of those users are new vs. existing, and even the kind of hardware your guests are using.

NomadInternet offers the ability for park owners to create, distribute and control vouchers for their guests. Many of our parks use vouchers to provide their guests temporary speed increases for things like bills being paid on time and more!

Fully Managed System

As one of our most common services, our managed WiFi service means you can kick back, relax and let us handle the network. Here is what is included in a fully managed network:

  • Channel planning

  • Interference management

  • Shape speeds and traffic so your guests have a consistent experience


If you own multiple properties, you can have ONE login for all your properties

Human Tech Support for you and your Guests

NomadInternet will provide you and your guests with the support they need. We build trust with your guests by offering responsive, personalized support on the channels they prefer. Whether it’s a simple network question or something more complex, we are here.

NomadInternet offers a variety of ways for your guests to receive the support they need. You and your guests can reach us by:

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Text Messaging


Our goal is to keep things simple so you can focus on running your park.

Equipment Insurance

Disasters are inevitable. Our team at NomadInternet are prepared for the worst; including floods, extreme temperatures and damaging winds.

If a piece of equipment gets damaged, we will replace it free of charge*! Give yourself peace of mind so you can focus on your park and guests.

*Some restrictions may apply

Custom Billing

NomadInternet can implement several different WiFi models that can allow you to offer your guests free service, paid or both.


Many parks like to offer a free basic plan that will allow their guests to browse and check email and then allow guests to purchase faster plan for streaming service, gaming, etc.

Facebook WiFi Login

NomadInternet can implement a system where your guests need to “like” your RV parks’ Facebook page every time they login to the NomadInternet WiFi system.

This is an excellent way to get you the exposure you need for your park and a way to get in front of hundreds if not thousands of more potential guests.

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