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LTE for your RV Park. The Fastest WiFi. Period.

Fiber Like Speeds

The days of fiber optics being the faster way to move data are becoming a thing of the past. NomadInternet leverages the new 802.11ac present day speeds of just under 2Gbs and future speeds (through software upgrades) of just under 7Gbs.


With the fastest fiber provider averaging about 1Gbs, the WiFi networks NomadInternet builds for RV parks and campgrounds have the present day capability of being almost twice as fast! And as new firmware becomes available (free to NomadInternet customers), it will become multiple times faster!

Only the Latest Standards

NomadInternet only works with the latest wireless standard 802.11ac. 802.11ac is a supercharged version of most WiFi Networks.


802.11ac is dozens of times faster and delivers speeds ranging from 433 Mbps (megabits per second) up to several gigabits per second. The other benefit of 802.11ac is that it will only get faster! The theoretical max speed of 802.11ac is just shy of 7Gbps, which is faster than fiber!

Future Proof​

Since NomadInternet only uses the latest 802.11ac standard, with a potential speed of almost 7Gbs, your network can handle just about anything the future throws at you (e.g. park expansion, busy season, etc)!


To give you an idea, the 802.11ac top speed is almost 1,000 times faster than the average home connection. Also unique to 801.11ac is its ability to get faster with software upgrades. This makes it to where your park or campground won’t need new hardware every time an upgrade comes out. While the future is never certain, our WiFi Networks are built for just about anything the future may throw at it.

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NomadInternet’s expertise and WiFi System Solves WiFi Troubles for Johnson City RV Resort


While a Johnson City, TX location is part of the appeal of the resort, its rural setting comes with the challenge is making WiFi services available to every site in the park.

We love streaming. Our networks are built for streaming.

With today’s technology simply “not supporting,” or ignoring, streaming is not an option. The ability to stream their favorite shows and movies are one of the most important things guests look for when planning. With that in mind, we build every WiFi network streaming capable. *In fact, NomadInternet only builds WiFi networks capable of streaming many **major devices and networks.

*NomadInternet builds networks with data transmission speeds faster than current Fiber networks. The RV park or campground must have the correct backhaul in place to support it. The end-user must have the most up to date hardware to support these speeds.

**NomadInternet is in not affiliated with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or DirecTVNOW

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